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They’re Gonna Put Me in the Movies

20 Scenes from Films and TV Shows Featuring Someone Reading a Real-Life Comic Book

Hollywood doesn’t have a great track record depicting comic fans on film, does it? It’s funny; the studios have no problem making skadillions of dollars off comic fans’ desire for comic-based entertainment, but when it comes to depicting comic fans in films, there always seems a whiff of… condescension, maybe? As if these studio types think “reading comics” is some kind of cinematic shorthand for “nerdy” or “socially inept” or “arrested development case” or…

(Pauses, looks in mirror, coughs uncomfortably)

Heh heh.

All right, maybe there’s some truth to the stereotype. But it’s still interesting how we’re now a full two decades into movies based on comic books making a bleep-ton of money for the studios and we still can’t seem to shake this tired “comic fans = nerds” stereotype in films and TV shows.

But then I think about the more positive mentions of comics and comic creators in the films… like Denzel’s dialogue about the merits of Kirby’s Silver Surfer in Crimson Tide, or the umpteen films (like The Princess Bride) where a kid’s bedroom isn’t complete without some scattered comics or superhero action figures in the background. That’s always sweet.

Your mission: identify the films or TV shows that each of the images below came from.

Did I miss one of your favorite examples of people reading comics in the movies or TV? Share in the comments below!

Annnnnnnd… go!


ANSWER (highlight to view): The 40-Year-Old Virgin (2003)


ANSWER (highlight to view): Back to the Future (1985)


ANSWER (highlight to view): The Big Bang Theory 


ANSWER (highlight to view): Breathless (1983)


ANSWER (highlight to view): Catch Me If You Can (2002)


ANSWER (highlight to view): The Ice Storm (1998)


ANSWER (highlight to view): The Iron Giant (1999)


ANSWER (highlight to view): Logan (2017)


ANSWER (highlight to view): M*A*S*H 


ANSWER (highlight to view): Midnight Cowboy (1969)


ANSWER (highlight to view): Paul (2011)


ANSWER (highlight to view): Reservoir Dogs (1992)


ANSWER (highlight to view): Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Mississippi


ANSWER (highlight to view): Help! (1965)


ANSWER: Predator (1987) 

16. ANSWER: American Sniper (2014) 

ANSWER: Chasing Amy (1997) 

18.  ANSWER: Do the Right Thing (1989) 

19. ANSWER: Kramer vs. Kramer (1979) 

20. ANSWER: Stranger Things (2016