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A Spelling Mistake? Boy, That’s Embarrrassing.

36 Comic Covers Featuring Spelling Errors That Folks in the Editing Business Call “Whoopsies”

Heaven knows, it can’t be easy being a comic book editor. The scheduling, the meetings, the invoices, the deadlines, dealing with deadbeat artists, dealing with diva artists, dealing with artists in general…

It’s a tough job, but at the end of the day at least you get the satisfaction of holding a finished comic in your ink-stained hands and enjoying the moment to marvel at its perfection.

Most of the time.

1. “If Moribus doesn’t kill Spidey — the Lizard will!” Wait, who’s this Moribus guy again…?

2. He’s actually shaking his fist at the editor who somehow forgot his longtime girlfriend’s last name is “Stacy.”

3. It’s actually “Red Ronin,” not “Ronan.” That would be the main bad guy from the first Guardians of the Galaxy film. No, really, he was in that movie. I think. Or were they fighting the Jackson 5…?

4. “Ah, big deal, so you got her name wrong on the cover, don’t sweat it, kid. It’s not like anyone’s going to remember this chick after this issue, anyway.”

5.  As any hardcore fan of the Smurfs (and who isn’t?) knows, it’s spelled “Azrael,” same as inside the book…

6. …just like this corner circle guy’s name is spelled “Gears Garvin” in the story…

7. …and this bad guy’s name is spelled “Triax” inside…

8. …and she’s probably furious because her name is actually “Phantazia”…

9. …just as this guy is cranky because they didn’t call him “Mon-Tog”…

10. …and this villain’s name is “Dreadnought,” not Dreadnaught as seen here…

11. …and the team of Russian operatives mentioned here are actually called Oktober Squad…

12. Wow, I just realized these are all Marvel books that are getting the names of their own characters wrong. Well, mistakes happen, and at least we can count on Marvel putting extra effort into its higher-end prestige projects like its Marvel Masterworks seri— OH COME ON GUYS!!! “DARDEVIL”…????


13-14. At least in these two examples, you can feel some sympathy for Smilin’ Stan Lee (who probably wasn’t smilin’ too much about all the work coming in). At this point, he was probably writing and editing a dozen books at a time, and it’s not like the way the word “Pharaoh” sounds makes it easy to remember the second “a” comes before the final “o.”

15. Ditto this book, with a cover claiming there’s “a traitor in our midsts.” The word “midsts” isn’t often seen in print, and the way it’s pronounced makes it hard to know if there’s a final -s at the end or not. But think of it this way: “midst” is an old-fashioned way of saying “the middle part or point of something,” and just as something can only have one beginning or one ending, you can only have one middle. Hence, “traitor in our midst.”

16. You can also understand how the editors behind this war comic might have made the mistake of misspelling “Savo Strait” as “Salvo Strait,” given how “salvo” is a military term for the discharge of guns in a battle. Savo Strait is a reference to the Battle of Savo Island, a 1942 naval battle that was the first major naval engagement of the Guadalcanal campaign.

17. Samaurai” …?

18. “Gantlet” …?

19. Shrowd” …?

20. “Hornead”…? 

21. On the bright side, at least they didn’t put out a Marvel-themed dictionary and call it a “dictionery.”


23. Man, things would get awkward real fast if I gave my wife a “Happy Anniversay” card after 25 years.

24. This is an American book was reprinted in England, which might help explain why the largest city in Kansas is misspelled “Witchita” here.

25. Now we get to the part of the show that’s my personal favorite, the misspelling of famous peoples’ names. Let’s start with this Fawcett comic featuring “Micky Mantle,” which even right now is causing a Yankee fan somewhere to scream “IT’S SPELLED ‘MICKEY’ LIKE THE GODDAMN MOUSE!”

26. “Charlton Heston,” check. “Nicol Morey”… not so much. Nicole Maurey starred with Heston in Secret of the Incas, which came out in 1954. According to IMDb, the film is “often cited as a direct inspiration for the Indiana Jones franchise of films,” with many of the scenes striking a similar tone and structure to scenes in Raiders of the Lost Ark.

27. Never heard of Howard De Silva… excuse me, Howard Da Silva? Well, shame on you. According to information I just happen to know and did not take from Wikipedia while you weren’t looking, he “was an American actor, director and musical performer on stage, film, television and radio” who was “cast in dozens of productions on the New York stage, appeared in more than two dozen television programs, and acted in more than fifty feature films.”

28. “Okay, pal, pull yourself together. You messed up that actor’s name last issue, but it’s no big deal. Onward and upward, right? Learn from our mistakes so we don’t make them again. Oh, there’s the phone. I wonder who it could be?” (Corinne Calvet — not Calvert — was a French actress who appeared in 1951’s Quebec, a historical drama about that province’s 1837 rebellion that also starred John Barrymore.)

29. All right, let’s not pick on the editors of 1950s movie comics too much. It’s not like editors back then could just call up the Internet Movie Database every time they needed to confirm a celebrity’s name. Not like today, where there’s zero chance of anyone in the business of promoting celebrities getting their names spelled wro— oh, look, the star of Glee whose name was definitely known to a huge part of Life With Archie’s key demographic when this book came out somehow got an extra H stuck in her name. Awkward.

30. You know what they say, the enneny of my enneny is my freimd.

31. I’m guessing the “one” here is a reference to the number of additional copy editors this magazine could have used.

32-33. Do missing and misplaced apostrophes count as spelling mistakes? Oh, you better believe your tenth-grade English teacher says they do.

34. Here’s one I missed that eagle-eyed Batophile Ben Herman passed along. Ha! Not so perfect now, are you, Dark Knight Detective? (Though in his defence, if I were running from a mechanized T-Rex, I’d be spotty with my proofreading, too.)

35. Easy rule for remembering how to spell this one, it takes two “ass”es to make an assassin, one to do the assassinating and one to be assassinated.

36. That’s right, people, insantity is raging through the halls of justice right now! WON’T SOMEONE PLEASE STOP THE INSANTITY?