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“Death Dances the Samba!” It’s Good to Try New Things, Don’t You Think?

44 Story Titles That Suggest a More Active Side to the Grim Reaper

Whether you’re talking about the standard skeleton-in-a-robe Death, the eerie-floating-spectre model or the spunky-Goth-chick version of Death, it’s a fair bet the character’s vibe will be the same: laid back, chill, happy to let events unfold and wait for the inevitable to happen.

This characterization of Death as a passive force makes sense when you think about it — when everyone is going to come to you sooner or later, why go out of your way to find them first? — but it doesn’t paint Death as a very active figure. And let’s not forget this is the comics we’re talking about, where action is the name of the game — literally, if we’re talking about Action Comics.

So what’s an anthropomorphic personification to do? Well, for starters you get some nice writers to come up with titles that highlight the sportier side of your personality. You know, the ex-treeeme part of you that likes to let loose after a long day of harvesting souls and playing chess with Swedish film stars.

What do I mean? Well…

“Death Rides on Horseback”
Blue Beetle #1 (1940)

“Death Rides the Racetrack” 
National Comics #11 (1941)

“Death Walks in Littletown”
Police Comics #7 (1942)

“Death Walks the Stage”
Master Comics #33 (1942)

“Death Rides the Ski Jump” 
Shadow Comics #73 (1947)

“Death Makes a Deadline”
Crime Reporter #1 (1948)

“Death Lurks in the Pool!”
Blonde Phantom #22 (1949)

“Death Howls by Moonrise”
The Hand of Fate #8 (1951)

“Death Came Dancing”
Phantom Witch Doctor #1 (1952)

“Crawling Death”
Chamber of Chills #7 (1952)

“Death Claims His Own”
Beware #10 (1952)

“Death Wears Green”
Black Cat #38 (1952)

“Death Holds an Auction”
Strange Fantasy #2 (1952)

“Death Takes a Holiday”
Weird Mysteries #1 (1952)

“Death Makes a Deal!”
Strange Tales #13 (1952)

“Death Walks the High Wire”
The Adventures of Rex the Wonder Dog #8 (1953)

“Death Thumbs a Ride”
Strange Mysteries #9 (1953)

“Death Wears a Bright Blue Suit!”
Lawbreakers Suspense Stories #12 (1953)

“Death Prowls the Streets”
Web of Evil #8 (1953)

“Death Laughs Last”
Haunted Thrills #12 (1953)

“Death Rides High”
Crime Mysteries #10 (1953)

“Death Tolls the Bells!”
The Unseen #13 (1954)

“Death Writes the Horoscope”
The Beyond #26 (1954)

“Death Reaches Out”
The Unseen #14 (1954)

“Death Stalks the Bayou”
Nightmare #12 (1954)

“Death Deals a Hand”
Strange Mysteries #18 (1954)

“Death Pulls the Strings”
The Witching Hour #23 (1972)

“Death Weaves a Web”
Ghosts #14 (1973)

“Death Held the Lantern High”
Ghosts #17 (1973)

“Death Held the Goblet”
The Witching Hour #36 (1973)

“Death Rides the Rails!”
Tomb of Dracula #17 (1974)

“Death Rides the Wind”
Ghosts #25 (1974)

“Death Goes to a Sales Convention!”
Red Circle Sorcery #6 (1974)

“Death Lurks Within This Mummy Case!”
Journey into Mystery #16 (1975)

“Death Rides the Raging Wind”
The Unexpected #165 (1975)

“Death Played a Sideshow”
House of Mystery #236 (1975)

“Death Argues Loudest”
The Unexpected #187 (1978)

“Death Took the Curtain Calls”
The Unexpected #190 (1979)

“Death Dances the Samba!”
Weird Ghostly Tales (1984)

“Death Dives Deep”
Seduction of the Innocent 3-D #1 (1985)

“Death Rides a Skateboard” 
Samurai #17 (1987)

“Death Lurks in Project Cadmus”
Superboy #77 (2000)

“Death Chases Me” 
Fatale #1 (2012)

“Death Walks Among the Lanterns”
Green Lantern Corps #30 (2014)