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Archie’s Pals ‘n’ Gals

31 Alliterative Appellations Among Archie Andrews’ Amiable Acquaintances


So you’ve probably noticed that Stan Lee loves his alliterative character names, coming up with monikers like Reed Richards and Peter Parker and Stephen Strange and Betty Brant and J. Jonah Jameson mainly to help him and his staff keep track of the bajillion characters that popped up in Marvel’s books during the 1960s.

Pretty impressive stuff, but I would submit even Marvel at its Silver Age heights can’t compete with Archie Comics when it comes to alliterative appellations, starting at the top with everyone’s favorite unlikely ladies’ man, Archie Andrews, and his best buddy, Forsythe “Jughead” Jones.

Your mission: match the names of alliterative characters from the Archie-verse on the left with their descriptions on the right. And no, you cannot summon the spirits of Dan DeCarlo, Bob Bolling or Samm Schwartz to help you out.

Annnnnnnnd… go!

1. Alison Adams

2. Alistair Andrews

3. Angel Angelino

4. Bernice Beazley 

5. Chuck Clayton 

6. Debbie Dalton

7. Dilton Doiley 

8. Evelyn Evernever

9. Fred “Fangs” Fogarty

10. Fletcher Foley

11. Googie Gilmore

12. Greta Grappler

13. Herkimer Hassle 

14. Judy Johnson

15. Jellybean Jones 

16. Kevin Keller 

17. Lottie Little

18. Moose Mason 

19. Marcy McDermott

20. Malcolm Meeks

21. Patti Pacer 

22. Penny Peabody

23. Sandy Sanchez

24. Sue Stringly

25. Theodosius Tadpole

26. Terry Tate 

27. Toni Topaz

28. Trula Twyst

29. Waldo Weatherbee

30. Wendy Weatherbee

31. Willie Wilkin 


a. Jughead’s next-door neighbor, she was obsessed with health food and tried to change his eating habits

b. An early concept of Midge, she was a petite blonde girl who dated Moose Mason

c. One of two identical blonde twins who pursued Jughead in the early years of the Archie franchise

d. A romantic rival for Midge Klump when she breaks up with Moose Mason

e. An early concept of Dilton Doiley from the 1940s

f. A buff ladies’ man who competed with Archie and Reggie for girls

g. A student of the behavioral sciences who picks Jughead as a test subject, manipulating him to make him fall for her, give up junk food, etc.

h. The cheerleading coach noted for holding grueling practices and winning at competitions

i. She knew Archie when they were kids; a shy girl, her only real friend was her doll, Minerva

j. A bespectacled girl who belonged to the same science club as Dilton

k. Principal of Riverdale High

l. The owner and manager of the Chok’lit Shoppe

m. Father of Woodrow (a.k.a. Bingo) and uncle by marriage to Jughead Jones

n. A member of the science club and Dilton’s rival in the brains department

o. A girl whom Fangs Fogarty took a liking to, beating up any boy who talked to her

p. Veronica’s nerdy cousin who is a devoted fan of science fiction and comic book conventions

q. a tough and aggressive girl’s gym teacher with a bulky, muscular build

r. The grouchy cafeteria cook who sometimes lets her softer side shine

s. A substitute teacher from the ’80s whose timid nature was the result of his war experience in Vietnam

t. Artistic student whose relationship to her uncle makes it difficult for her to find a date

u. The superintendent of the school district that includes Riverdale High

v. A straight-A student and star athlete who conspired with Jughead to teach the other girls a lesson about setting people up on dates

w. The first openly gay character to appear in Riverdale

x. The “brain” of the gang who is an avid inventor

y. Archie’s rich cousin who also looks exactly like him

z. Jughead’s little sister who sometimes only speaks in thought bubbles

aa. A pink-haired girl who debuted as one of Jughead’s opponents in a cupcake eating contest

bb. The first African-American character introduced to the gang

cc. A muscular star athlete who is known for being overly possessive of his girlfriend

dd. A girl from a poor family who knew Archie when they were young

ee. A heavy-set bully who tormented Archie and friends in their younger years, he later returned to Riverdale to make amends

1. (j) 2. (y) 3. (f) 4. (r) 5. (bb) 6. (c) 7. (x) 8. (i) 9. (ee) 10. (n)
11. (a) 12. (q) 13. (u) 14. (d) 15. (z) 16. (w) 17. (b) 18. (cc) 19. (p) 20. (s)
21. (h) 22. (o) 23. (v) 24. (dd) 25. (e) 26. (l) 27. (aa) 28. (g) 29. (k) 30. (t)
31. (m)