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If This Boat’s A-Rockin’…

25 Comic Covers That Take a Cruise Through the Tunnel of Love 

Quoth the Wikipedia folk:

“In its earliest incarnations, riders were taken by two-passenger boats through dark passages. There were two major themes: a relaxing romantic ride encouraging the couple to cuddle, or a spooky horror ride encouraging the couple to cling to one another. The darkness provided a degree of privacy and the frightening scenes offered a socially acceptable excuse for the physical contact at a time when public affection or even holding hands was considered inappropriate.

“With the development of other socially acceptable opportunities and less stigma for unmarried couples to engage in physical contact, these rides became less popular and were either re-themed into children’s attractions or torn down completely.”

Whoa, whoa, whoa. THAT’S what was going on inside those things? You mean they weren’t instructional aids to help teach our nation’s young people the importance of boating safety?

I’m shocked — SHOCKED! — to learn these carnival rides were used for illicit cuddling. What else do you think was going on in there while we weren’t looking? Necking? Petting? Out-and-out snugglebunnies…?

All I can say is people were weird about a lot of stuff back in the old days. “All right, you and your honey can come to the carnival with us, but if you’re going to engage in any socially unacceptable activities like kissing then for the love of all that’s holy make sure you do it a in a dark cave-like place where no one has to see it!”