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You’re Gonna Need a Bigger Ball of Yarn

24 Comic Covers Co-Starring Colossal-Sized Cats

STRANGE BUT TRUE: Did you know there are people out there who are intensely afraid of cats? It’s true! There’s even a name for it, ailurophobia, and not “catophobia” as I would have guessed.

And honestly, I can’t see why anyone would be afraid of a cat. I mean, how could you look into the eerie slits of their unblinking alien eyes and not find joy in the demonic purring sound that emanates from the very depths of their carnivorous bodies?

Who among us doesn’t thrill at the sound of the unremitting kneading of their razor-sharp claws?

Or secretly harbored the wish that we be whisked off this mortal coil as painlessly as possible by one of our feline friends silently suffocating us in our sleep, who will of course wait a respectful period of time before gnawing on our lifeless form to feed their incessant need for freshly killed flesh?

Anyway, because we love cats so much, here are some that are big enough to eat you. Enjoy!