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Also, Which JLA Members File Their TPS Reports on Time?

14 Random and Non-Work Related Thoughts of an Aging Comic Fan During a Three-Hour Department Meeting

1. Do members of the Justice League ever use PowerPoint during their meetings?

2. Does anyone on the team take minutes? Do they rotate that task? Does Wonder Woman get snippy when everyone just assumes she’ll do it?

3. What kind of operating system would the Watchtower of Hall of Justice have? There’s no way a security freak like Batman would allow Windows anywhere near the place? Maybe Wayne Enterprises markets it own OS?

4. Who does their tech support? If the Flash is pounding the printer because it keeps saying “PC LOAD LETTER” and he doesn’t know what it wants, is there someone on call who deals with it?

5. Who restocks the supply closet? Does the JLA have an account at Staples?

6. Are phrases like “info-centric architecture” or “semantic technologies” ever bandied about during JLA meetings?

7. Does the JLA have performance management plans? Do the older Leaguers sit down with the newer members and discuss their personal and professional goals for the coming year?

8. Does the JLA have a mission statement? Yes, they’re “the world’s greatest super-heroes” — but greatest in what way? How do they quantify that? Does anyone ever talk metrics?

9. Does the JLA’s operating plan basically consist of the words “beat up bad guys” printed over and over?

10. Do they ever do a potluck lunch after their meetings? What would each member bring? Green Lantern totally looks like the guy who signs up to bring the cups and ice every time.

11. Back when Superman had a couple dozen Superman robots doing stuff like cleaning his Fortress of Solitude or taking Krypto for walks… do you think he ever looked at this calendar, sighed when he saw another upcoming JLA meeting, and sent one of his robots in his place?

12. Do they ever end their meetings with an inspirational TED Talk?

13. I wonder which Leaguer would be the most likely to Google himself during the meeting?

14. Or Google pictures of Power Girl?