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It’s Corporal Tantrum and His Ululating Troopers!

23 Rejected Marvel War Titles


For the uninitiated:

Sgt. Fury and his Howling Commandos was billed as “the war comic for people who hate war comics.” Pick any issue at random and the gung-ho plot will consist of Fury and his crack unit parachuting into Nazi-held territory to rescue an Allied commander, destroy an enemy base or liberate a town from Nazi oppression. It ran for 167 issues and seven annuals, from 1963 to 1981.

Capt. Savage and his Leatherneck (later Battlefield) Raiders was an obvious attempt to copy the success of Sgt. Fury’s book, with the two sharing interchangeable adventures for the two years and 19 issues that Savage’s book was in print (1968-70).

But did you know these two books were just the beginning? Before circumstances forced Lee & Co. to focus more of their attention on the company’s superhero and horror line-ups, the company had big plans to roll out a veritable platoon of war titles to compete with war books by other publishers, like DC’s Sgt. Rock and Charlton’s line of “Fightin'” books (Fightin’ Army, Fightin’ Navy, Fightin’ Marines — you name it).

And now, unearthed for the first time in decades, here is the never-before-seen list of rejected war titles that Lee and Kirby once considered. Believe it… or don’t. WAH-HOOOO!

1. Corporal Tantrum and his Ululating Troopers

2. Private Wrath and his Caterwauling Conscripts

3. Captain Indignation and his Screeching Marines 

4. Admiral Anger and his Squalling Ensigns

5. Major Animosity and his Yowling Mercenaries 

6. Colonel Umbrage and his Hooting Rangers 

7. Private First Class Displeasure and his Shrieking Draftees 

8. General Acrimony and his Groaning Guerrillas 

9. Sergeant-Major Resentment and his Tripping Out Troops

10. Corporal Petulance and his Cantankerous Cadets 

11. Major Temper and his Hollering Frogmen

12. Private Turbulence and his Vociferous Veterans

13. Colonel Outrage and his Wailing Musketeers

14. Captain Intensity and his Yawping Rangers

15. Lieutenant Fierce and his Barking Legionnaires

16. Admiral Irascible and his Growling Gunners

17. Commander Storm and his Roaring Recruits

18. Corporal Punishment and his Whooping Warriors

19. Brigadier-General Grievance and his Mewling Mercenaries

20. Private Pique and his Baying Infantry

21. Sergeant Rankled and his Clamoring Cavalrymen

22. Rear Admiral Tempest and his Screaming Seamen

23. Defense Secretary Rage and his Even-Keeled Enlistees