If You Don’t Read This Post, I’ll… Uh, Kick This Houseplant

10  Comic Covers (and 1 House Ad) That Salute National Lampoon’s “We’ll Kill This Dog” Cover


Recognize this image? It’s the January 1973 cover for National Lampoon’s Death issue. Don’t worry; no actual dogs were harmed in the production of this magazine.

Conceived by Michael C. Gross (who later designed the Ghostbusters logo) and photographed by Ronald Harris, it raised a few eyebrows in those pre-Photoshop days; even though readers knew it was a joke, it was still unnerving how the way the dog seemed to know what was going to happen if people didn’t do what they were told.

The cover became an instant classic, and over the years other artists and advertisers have offered up their own take on the “buy this product or we’ll do something really bad to an innocent thing” concept. For instance:



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